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Debbie Brill Debbie Brill


Debbie Brill, (born March 10, 1953) is a Canadian high jump athlete. Brill D. a former ‘hippy’, she won her first C G high jump title at edilburgh in 1970, she missed the 74 C G to take time out to have a baby but bounced back to win the silver in 1978.
She won gold again in 1982 at the age of 29. She was the first North American woman to clear 6 feet, at age 16. She is married to a physician, Dr. Douglas Coleman. In 1999, at the age of 46, Brill broke the world masters record (age 45+) when she cleared 1.76 metres in Gateshead. In 2004, she broke the age 50+ masters record by clearing 1.60 m in Langley.

Medal record

Women's athletics
Representing  Canada

IAAF World Cup

Gold      1979 Montreal   High jump
Bronze  1977 Dusseldorf                High jump

IAAF World Indoor Games

Bronze  1985 Paris            High jump

Pan American Games

Gold      1971 Cali               High jump
Bronze  1979 San Juan    High jump

Commonwealth Games

Gold      1970 Edinburgh High jump
Silver     1978 Edmonton                High jump
Gold      1982 Brisbane    High jump

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