Gunder Hägg biography

Gunder Hägg (31 December 1918, Albacken – 27 November 2004) was a Swedish runner. Hagg beganGunder Hägg as a 5000m runner in 1936, set his first national 1500 m record in 1940 and the following year broke Jack Lovelocks celebrated world record. He broke 15 (ten of them in 1942) over distances between 1500m and 5000 m between 1941 and 1945. At the end of his career his personal bests were; 800m in 1 min. 52.8 sec., 1500m in 3min. 43.0 sec., 1mile in 4 min. 1.03 sec. 2000min5 min. 11.8 sec., 3000m in 8 min. 01.2 sec.

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