Indian freedom fighter Sardar Ajit Singh

Indian freedom fighter Sardar Ajit SinghSardar Ajit Singh

Sardar Ajit Singh (1881-1947) was born on 3 February 1881 at khatkar kalan, jalandhar district, Punjab. His family were staunch arya samajis. He soon came in contact with leaders like lala lajpat raibal gangadhar Tilakbipin Chandra pal and sri aurobindo ghose.

He played a leading role in opposing the agrarian policy of the Punjab government. He was deported to Mandalay for six months along with lala lajpat rai (1907).
On his return, he renewed nationalistic activities including collaborating with Bengal revolutionaries and publishing anti-British pamphlets and newspapers like peshwa and baghi maseha. Before he could be interned again, he left India in 1909 and visited  several countrues indulging in anti-British propaganda. Most of this self-exile he spent in Brazil (1919-32). During world war, he was active in Europe, broadcasting from Rome after his meeting with Mussolini.
After the defeat of the axis powers he was imprisoned by the British. He was released from German confinement in December 1946 and returned to India after thirty eight years to die on India’s independence day 15 august 1947. The famous martyr bhagat Singh was the son of his brother kishan Singh who was greatly influenced by ajit Singh.

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