Josiah Wedgwood

Colonel Josiah Clement Wedgwood, 1st Baron Wedgwood, referred to as Josiah Wedgwood IV was a British Liberal and Labour politician who 

Josiah Wedgwoodserved in government under Ramsay MacDonald.

Colonel Wedgewood (1872-1943) was born on 16 march 1872 near Staffordshire and was educated at Clifton. He got a scholarship at royal naval college, Greenwich (1892). He worked in the elswick shipyard and served in the South African war. In 1906, he returned as a liberal member to parliament from Newcastle-Lyme- a borough which he represented without a break till 1942. Wedgewood a man of liberal views, was a vigorous speaker in the house of commons. He served in World War I (1914-18), came to India in December 1920 and attended the Nagpur session of the congress. He was a friend of India and in a report he pleaded for the need to gratify Indian aspirations towards independence.
   He abandoned the liberal party and joined the labour party (august 1919). He was vice chairmen of the parliamentary labour party (1921-24). The last twenty years of his life he devoted to various causes: taxation of land value, independence of India and the Jewish issue. In 1942, he was raised to peerage. Amongst his several books were future of the indo-British commonwealth (1921), essays and adventures of labour M.P., memories of a fighting life (1940). He summarized his ideas in his last book testament to documentary (1942). Wedgewood died in London 26 July 1943, and India lost a friend at a crucial time.

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