Karin Balzer

Karin Balzer

Karin Balzer ( born June 5, 1938) is a former East German hurdler.
Karin Balzer
Karin Balzer
she holds the most world records (six) for the 100m hurdles. In 1964 she went on to win the Olympic Games title in Tokyo. In Mexico, in 1968, she finishes fifth, and she also won the bronze medal in 1972 in Munich. Balzer's second son, Falk Balzer also became a hurdler.

Olympic Games

Competitor for  Germany
Gold      1964 Tokyo         80m hurdles
Competitor for  East Germany
Bronze  1972 Munich      100m hurdles
European Championships
Gold      1966 Budapest  80m hurdles
Gold      1969 Athens       100m hurdles

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