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Kasturba Gandhi 

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Date of Birth11 April 1869, Porbandar, Gujarat, India
Date of Death22 February 1944, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Birth NameKasturbai Nakanji
Daughter of Gokuladas Makharji and Vrajkunwerba Makharji
Kasturba Gandhi
Kasturba Gandhi
Wife of Mahatma Gandhi, 
Mother of Harilal GandhiManilal gandhi;Ramdas Gandhi and Devdas Gandhi


Kasturba Gandhi was wife of Mahatma Gandhi. Kasturba Gandhi was born in 1869 to Gokuldas makharji, he was a trader in food grains and cotton textiles in Saurahstra. Kasturba did not get formal education, as was the custom in conservative families of the period. She married in 1882 to Mohandas Gandhi when both were only 13 tears old. Mohandas Gandhi, younger son of Karamchand Gandhi, the dewan of Porbander. The husband taught the wife to read and write in their mother tongue, Gujarati and she picked up enough language to go through the daily newspapers. During the early period of their married life, the husband insisted that the wife obeyed strictly what all was told by him to which the wife was not willing to oblige and this resulted in occasional wrangles between the two. Brought up in conservative style, she could not compromise with many of the progressive styles of Gandhi. But later she obliged and there was no problem.
Her public life starts after she joined her husband in South Africa in 1897. From 1904-14, she was the heart and soul of the 'Phoenix Settlement' and from Kasturba she became Kasturba-mother to the inmates, a role she continued at Kochnab, Sabarmati, and Sevagram Ashrams in India. In the year 1913, she raised her voice against the inhuman working conditions of Indians in South Africa. In September 1913, she was arrested, and sentenced to three months' imprisonment at hard labor. On numerous subsequent occasions in India, where the prisoners were made to do hard labor. In 1915, she accompanied her husband and supported the Indigo planters. There, she taught women and children about basic concepts like personal hygiene, discipline etc.
kasturba Gandhi suffered from the problem of chronic Bronchitis. To top it, the stress level caused during the Quit India Movement's arrests aggravated her illness. Her health began to decline. The situation got worse, when she got victimized by pneumonia. Her husband disagreed with her idea to go in for penicillin.  In 'Quit India' movement, Kasturba joined her husband in detention at the Aga Khan's Palace in Poona. It is there that she died  On February 22, 1944, she had a major heart attack.

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