Medni Musaevna kadyrova biography

Medni Musaevna kadyrova

personal detail

Name-  Medni Musaevna kadyrovamedni musaevna
Born-  7 September 1978
Known for - first lady of Chechnya
spouse- Ramzan kadyrov


Medni Musaevna  is the wife of Ramzan Kadyrov  who is the Head of the Chechen Republic and a former Chechen rebel.
ramzan Kadyrov married Medni Musaevna Kadyrova in 1996. they have eight children: five daughters—Aishat (born 31 December 1998),
Karina (born 17 January 2000),
Hedy (born 21 September 2002),
Tabarik (born 13 July 2004)
Ashura (born January 2012)
—and three sons—
Ahmad (born 8 November 2005)
named in honor of his grandfather Akhmad Kadyrov),
Zelimkhan (born 14 December 2006),
Adam (born 24 November 2007).
Besides them, Ramzan and Medni have two adopted sons in 2007. Medni also launch her collections in fashion shows. 

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