Mukhtiar Ahmed ansari

Mukhtiar Ahmed ansari

Born: 1880, Uttar Pradesh
Died: 1936
Education: Madras Medical College


Mukhtiar Ahmed ansari (1880-1936) was born on 25 December 1880 at ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh. He received his early education in ghazipur,

Allahabad and Hyderabad. After receiving his medical degree from the madras medical college, he went to England on a nizam scholarship and obtained his M.S. and M.D. degree there in 1905. He worked in the lock and charring cross hospitals in England from 1905-10. Ansari returned to India in 1910 and started his medical practice in Delhi. His
Mukhtiar Ahmed ansari
Mukhtiar Ahmed ansari
interest in politics started soon after. He was president of the Muslim league sessions at Delhi in 1918 and Nagpur in 1920 and president of the congress in 1927. he has good relation with Gandhi and Nehru  Ansari also presided over the all parties’ convention at Calcutta in 1928. He was general secretary of the congress for many years as well as member of the congress working committee, while practicing medicine. He died on his way back from mussoorie to Delhi on may 10 1936 and was buried in the jamia milia islamia.

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