nawab viqar ul mulk

nawab viqar ul mulk

Mushtaq hussainnawab viqar ul mulk

Mushtaq hussain (viqar-ul-mulk) (1841-1917) was born on 24 march 1841 at amroha in uttar pradesh. He served in the collector’s office from 1860-74. From 1875-92 he was in the service of the nizam of Hyderabad where he rose to the position of judicial minister.

From 1907-12 he was honorary secretary, anglo priental college, Aligarh. In politics he was influenced by sir syed ahmed’s view of hindus and muslims being two nations. He was a member of the delegation which called on viceroy minto in 1906. Two months later he took an active part in the muslim educational conference at dacca in December 1906. The same day in a meeting chaired by him, the formation of all India muslim league was announced to counteract the Indian national congress. Viqar-ul-mulk were the titles conferred on him by the nizam. In 1908, the Government of India honored him with the title of Nawab. he died on January 27, 1917.

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