Womesh Chandra bonnerjee

Womesh Chandra bonnerjee


Born29 December 1844 Calcutta, British India
Died21 July 1906 (aged 61)


Womesh Chandra bonnerjee (1844-1906) was born on 29 December 1844 at kidderpur, Calcutta. His education began in a pathshala and the oriental seminary. In 1862 he joined w.p. gillanders as a clerk. He went to England in 1864 and joined the middle temple. In 1867 he was called to the bar (1867). Bonnerjee came back to Calcutta in 1868 where he began his legal practice and went on to become a successful barrister of the high court. He was the first Indian to act as a standing council. Bonnerjee defended surendra nath bonnerjee in the famous contempt of court case. He was a liberal and did not object to his wife converting to Christianity.
Womesh Chandra bonnerjee
Womesh Chandra bonnerjee
Politically, he was a moderate and a lover of British institutions. While he disliked political agitations he demanded democratic rights for Indians through his speeches and writings. Even when he was a student in England he collaborated with dadabhai naroji in starting the London Indian society, with dadabhai as president and himself as secretary. This was later merged in the east India association. He was also a member of the British committee of the Indian national congress which had distinguished Englishmen as office bearer.
Bonnerjee was president of the very first session of the Indian national congress in Bombay in 1885, and again in 1892. In 1902 he left for England where he also started practicing in the Privy Council. He made two unsuccessful attempts to enter British parliament. Bonnerjee died in 1906.

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