Akhi Alamgir biography

Akhi AlamgirAkhi Alamgir


Real Name:            Akhi Alamgir
Nick Name:             Akhi
Birth:                    January 1975
Birth Place:             Dhaka, Bangladesh
Father Name:         Alamgir (Actor)
Mother Name:      Khoshnoor (lyricist)
Spouse                   Rusho
Occupation:           Model and Singer.
Religion:                Muslim (Sunni)
relative                 Runa Laila (Step-Mother) Singer
Height:                   5' Feet 4" Inches
childern               2


Akhi Alamgir is well-known popular Bangladeshi singer.  Akhi Alamgir Brought Up famous family, Her father Alamgir is one of the best and top popular actor In Bangladesh.  her step mother is another world famous singer Runa Lila. Akhi Alamgir started her career very early when she was only 10 years old. her real mother Khoshnoor is another famous lyricist in Bangladesh.  Akhi Alamgir is a professional singer, as well she works some commercial advertisement as a model.

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