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Birth nameMichael Shawn Hickenbottom
BornJuly 22, 1965 
Chandler, Arizona
ResidesSan Antonio, Texas
NicknamesThe ShowstopperHeartbreak KidThe Main EventThe Icon
The Boy Toy
Midnight Rocker
The Pitbull
The Wrestler of the 90s
Mr. WrestleMania
Spouse(s)Theresa Wood
Rebecca Curci (m. 1999)
ChildrenCameron Kade Hickenbotom
(born January 15, 2000)
Cheynne Hickenbottom

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 225 lbs.
From: San Antonio, Texas
Signature Move: Sweet Chin Music
Career Highlights: WWE Champion; World Heavyweight Champion; Intercontinental Champion; European Champion; World Tag Team Champion; Royal Rumble Match winner (1995 & 1996); 2011 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee


Shawn Michaels, is an American professional wrestling personality, television presenter and
Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels
retired professional wrestler. Hickenbottom began his wrestling career with Mid-South Wrestling, now known as Universal Wrestling Federation, and American Wrestling Association (AWA). During his time with AWA, he performed in partnership with Marty Jannetty, as The Midnight Rockers; winning the AWA World Tag Team Championship twice.
Trademark move: Diving Elbow Drop
Trademark move: Piledriver (Early-mid 1990s)
Trademark move: Inverted Atomic Drop
Trademark move: Moonsault Takedown
Trademark move: Modified Figure Four Leglock
Trademark move: Lou Thesz Press
Trademark move: Pescado


Son of Col. Richard Hickenbottom
Was first ever winner of WWE's "Grand slam" - Held every belt in WWE plus Royal Rumble - and revamped "World Heavyweight Championship"
In 2004, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty patched things up. Michaels actually baptized Jannetty, when Jannetty became a Christian.


I dont know if I mentioned this latelybut I sing my own theme tune!
Hit my music!

Look whos back in the saddle again.

D-Generation X rules the wrestling world.

The Heartbreak Kid is a doormat for absolutely nobody.

I only ever had two real loves in my life the beautiful family that God gave me and the opportunity of coming out here and performing in front of each and everyone of you.

Now I know he doesnt like this but Bret this is from the Heartbreak Kid to you Im gonna do a little dance; pull my clothes off especially for you Hitman!

The Heartbreak kid does not lay down for ANYBODY

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