Annie Besants descendents

Annie Besants descendents

The family history onward from the era in which  Annie Besant lived became quite fragmented by the late 1940s. a number of Annie Besant’s descendents have been traced in detail from her Arthur digby’s side. One of Arthur Digby’s Annie Besants descendentsdaughters was Sylvia Besant, who married commander clem Lewis in the 1920s.

They had a daughter, Kathleen Mary, born in 1934, who was given away from adoption within three weeks of the birth and had the new name of lavinia Pollock. Lavinia married frank castle in 1953 and raised a family of five (Besant’s great-great grandchildren) – james, Richard, david, Fiona and Andrew castle – the last and youngster sibling being a former British professional tennis player and now television presenter and personality.

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