facts about Alexander the great

facts about Alexander the great

During his youth, Alexander tamed the wild horse Bucephalus. Later, when his beloved horse died, Alexander renamed a city in India for Bucephalus.
He became king of Macedon when he was 20.

alexander the Great discovered bananas in his conquest of India in 327 B.C.

He was one of the most successful military commanders in history and was undefeated in battle. 

Alexander the Great was an epileptic.

Alexander the Great was embalmed in a coffin filled with honey

Alexander was of a rebellious nature from his early childhood. His earliest tutor, Leonidas, had a hard time controlling the restless boy. Lysimachus, another one of his tutors, had to use role-playing to capture Alexander’s attention.

Alexander and his mother, Olympia, fell out with Alexander’s father, Philip II, when he married Cleopatra Eurydice. They were made to flee Macedon and stayed in Epirus with Olympia’s family until the father and son were reconciled again.

Alexander the Great had stretched his empire, one of the biggest of the ancient world, as far as to Punjab in northern India. He had defeated King Porus’ troops in India, but, impressed by Porus’ intelligence and courage, gave him back his state and reinstated him as king.

The city Alexandria was named by Alexander the Great. It was one of 17 cities that he named after himself, but Alexandria was one of the few to survive. It is still a prosperous city today. The Lighthouse at Alexandria is also known as the Pharos of Alexandria.

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