Janakinath Bose biography

Janakinath Bose


Birth nameJankinath Haranath Bose
Janakinath Bose
Janakinath Bose
Born28 May 1860
educationGraduated from  Ravenshaw College
law at the University of Calcutta.
spousePrabhabati Dutt


Janakinath Bose was a Bengali, Indian lawyer and advocate. He was the father of Indian independence leader netalji Subhas Chandra Bose. He was appointed Govt Pleader. He was given the title Rai Bahadur, which he relinquished in protest. As an advocate he comes in contact with political personalities of the Indian Independence movement. He was married to Prabhabati Dutt, have eight sons and six daughters. His children including
Pramilabala mitra,
Saralabala Dey,
Satish Chandra Bose,
Sarat Chandra Bose,
Suresh Chandra Bose,
Sudhir Chandra Bose,
Sunil Chandra Bose,
Tarubala Roy,
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose,
Malina Dutta,
Protiva Mitra,
Kanaklata Mitra,
Sailesh Chandra Bose
Santosh Chandra Bose.

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