Sir Winston Churchill biography

Sir Winston Churchill Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) was born in a well connected family and received his education at harrow and sandhurst. He saw active military service with the Spanish in Cuba (1985) and even fought at Omdurman in Sudan (1898).
Churchill was elected to parliament as a conservative in 1900 and thus started a brilliant political career. He was prime minister from may 1940- July 1945 and won the war for England. He was defeated in the July 1945 elections and became leader of the opposition. Churchill again became prime minister after the conservative victory in 1951. In 1955, Churchill retired from public life.
As a young subaltern he was stationed in India and fought on the north- western frontier. That was the picture of India he carried in his mind throughout and had stubbornly resisted any reforms which brought India nearer by the independence. He believed that Britain’s position in the world was determined by the empire. He believed Gandhi, Nehru and other congress leader but Jinnah had the best friend in him across the Suez.
Churchill was powerful orator and writer besides being a god painter. He won the noble prize for literature in 1953. Amongst his most important works here world crisis, 1923-29 in four volumes; second world war, in six volumes, and history of the English speaking people in four volumes. He died on 24 January 1965 leaving behind a trail of astounding success and failures.

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