Operation blue star and death of Indira gandhi

Operation blue star and death of Indira gandhi

Operation bluestar

Indira Gandhi later years were bedeviled with problems in Punjab. In june 1984 jarnail singh bhindrawale’s separatist Sikh freedom fighter group was caping with in the walls of golden temple, Sikhism holy palace. Despite the presence of thousands of civilians in the golden temple complex at the Operation blue star and death of Indira gandhitime; the army opened fire resulting in civilian casualties. This attempt of Gandhi was highly condemned by international media. Government and independent accounts differ in the number of military and civilian casualties.
Government estimates include four officers, 79 soldiers and 492 Sikhs including man, women and children caught in cross fire. While the exact figures related to civilian casualties are disputed, lack of decent records, the timing and method of the attack were widely criticized. Most of the criticism was directed against Indira Gandhi using this as a personal attack on Sikhs. She justified this up by saying the attack was led to flush out terrorist bhindrawale who was creating “animosity” by preaching ideas of independence for Sikhs, and idea of forming a separate state called khailstan.

Death of Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi had numerous bodyguards, two of whom were satwant Singh and beant Singh, both Sikhs. On 31 October 1984they assassinated Indira Gandhi with their service weapons in the garden of the prime minister’s residence at no 1, safdarjung road in new Delhi. As she was walking ti be interviewed by the British actor peter Ustinov filming a documentary for Irish television, she passed a wicket gate, guarded by the satwant Singh And beant. According to information available immediately following the incident gun. Beant Singh was shot dead and satwant singh was shot and arrested by her other bodyguards.
Indira died on her way to the hospital, in her official car, but she was not declared dead until many hours later. She was taken to all India medical sciences, where doctors operated on her. Officials accounts at the time stated as many 29 entry and exit wounds and some reports stated 31 bullets were extracted from her body. She was cremated on 3 November, near raj ghat. After her death, sectarian unrest created by congress politicians loyal to Indira Gandhi engulfed new Delhi and several other cities in India. Gandhi’s friend and biographer pupul jaykar would later reveal Indira’s tension, and her premonition about what might happen in the wake of operation bluestar.

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