pandit Ajudhia Nath biography

pandit Ajudhia Nath

pandit Ajudhia Nath Kunzru

Ajudhia Nath
Ajudhia Nath
Birthdate: April 1, 1840
Birthplace:Haveli at Maharani Tola, Agra, India
Death:Died January 11, 1892 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Pandit Ajudhia nath (1840-1892), was born in Agra on 8 April 1840 and received his education at Agra College. After receiving his law degree he began practice and in 1869 was appointed professor of law at Agra College. He was a member of the Calcutta senate and founded the Victoria girl’s school and college, Agra. He was a member of the legislative council of the North West provinces (1886-90) and joint secretary of the Indian national congress while Allan o. Hume was secretary. As chairmen of the reception committee of the Allahabad session of the congress (1888) he proved his exceptional organizational capabilities.

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